Observe this Sheer Havoc

by Abandin All Hope

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Blaze Doobies
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Blaze Doobies This shit right here is doooppppeeee!!!
Steve Crowe
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Steve Crowe I love this E.P mostly because its my band. but for real its pretty decent we had a great time recording it and i think the songs are representative of our overall sound. Favorite track: Uh Oh.
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02:43 video


released June 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Abandin All Hope Fort Mc Murray, Alberta

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Track Name: Elephant
Let me explain there is something here taking up a lot of room
i look away but it's obvious this thing needs to be removed

there is an elephant
in this room i reside in
with you my friend
but i cannot begin
to find the safest means
of approaching this problem
but hey that's ok
i'll just look to the right
and pass this buck all night
cuz i don't want the blame

while brewing a stew
in a pot on a stove sure
guilt would be boiling over
but i won't clean the stains

I'm sure somebody out there may suggest a better way to deal with this
but my response would be thanks for the interest but my way is the easiest

while baking a pie
in an oven on high heat
'til the smoke alarm alerts me
i'd eat it all the same

cuz i deserve the worst punishment one serves
i'm guilty for my silence my lack of words a simple crime
that burns me from the inside
this fire in my lungs will soon burn this tie
what have i done

and i wouldn't feel so bad
if i sucked it up since all
of that which we used to have
was something so special

but i looked to the right
and passed that buck all night
cuz i don't have the guts

so i'll pack my bag
full of black and burnt charcoal
as i've sentenced myself so
and eat my so called lunch
Track Name: Eddy
Here i sincerely bestow upon you
here atop your shoulder
i give you a valid truth
my rival will start to feed you
some nonsense you will kindly refuse

apparently i'm the demon seed planting roots where you would succeed
although my devilish greed needs to know just one thing
are you prepared to give up your dreams
the answer is no

i've spent
a lot more time lately staring at the cowlick on the backside of your head
cuz there on your shoulder
the angel collects his debt
he guilts you into adulthood
but to him you are misunderstood

are you ready eddy
are you
are you read
are you
the answer is no
Track Name: GuitWolf
At the verge of what you might
Call achieving all you've wanted
I swear you're being haunted
This could affect your goal
Of owning everything you know
By attempting to defy the
Dilemmas in your life
Can you cheat at life and win
Or're you merely beginning a war
Between yourself and the undead
Your living for
This dream that you've had
Is about to turn bad
Unless you call off this hunt for
Possession of everything at once

Fate's not set in stone you know
There's no convincing
Skin piercing
Can't wait to say I told you so
I've watched you seal your fate
Far down below (down below)
Oh ya oh ya
And it'll rob you of that smile
Ya oh ya oh ya
And it'll rob you of that smile

Run from all the damage you have done
for the laws have been deceived
Now the corpses from beneath
Shall insist on rising up
Barricade your front door shut
For I'm afraid to tell you this
Now is the apocalypse of the living dead
And we
Will be deemed
As a casualty
As the whole world is infected with undead genes
Now take a step back
And observe the sheer havoc
Caused by one simple act of obsession
The world's under attack

I swear to you that they will come around
They'll pull the carpet right out from the ground
Where you are standing
Leaving you
To see what's left when you look down
Now that which you wanted the most is gone
Still you have what most other people want
So there you have it
Either way you win but they won't feel the same
Feel the same
Track Name: Uh Oh
uh oh
makeover from head to toe
a few years later
you got it you got it you got it
but sadly no
uh oh
i'm starting from scratch again
and all these memories
i'm calling recalling recalling

i let this play be a factor
by letting me take all
that i've created down
to rearrange this structure
from the ground
stung by the constant reminders
of all that i once had
before we tore it down
to rearrange this structure
from the ground

uh oh
discouraged by everything
do overnight
what took a decade a decade a decade
so miserable
uh oh
and just as we're on a role
it doesn't help to be abandoned
i misspelled abandon

painted a picture up
it didn't turn out the way i
imagined it would in the back of my mind
we must be
forgetting a relevant
ingredient for this oil paint
i was in desperate need of turpentine
but we failed thee